Mandalay Lounge & Steakhouse

Hello everybody!

On a sunny day like this, obviously the perfect place to go to is near the water! Mandalay is located in Steveston, Richmond. Beautiful area, with docks to walk your dog or ride your bike. Just an amazing place to chill on a sunny day! This restaurant is right next to Hogshack. If you guys read my blog, you should know I love Hogshack! So, I was hoping it'll be the same for this restaurant. Unfortunately, it's not.

The front entrance is not located at the front. Took us a minute to realized we had to walk along the side until we hit the back area to find the entrance.

Their front entrance consists of patio seating with comfy sofas and soft pillows. There were also blankets on the side just incase you get cold. Even though it was an extremely sunny day, their patio was mainly all shade and it would get pretty chilly if we sat there for dinner, so we sat indoors for the night.

First off, limmerZ obviously had to get his must have Mojito. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment to him. Didn't taste like usual Mojitos. He said he could barely taste any alcohol in it and it basically tastes like juice to him.


Chop Steakhouse


I'm super excited to blog about this restaurant and I had to instant post this right up after dinner! I just got back from having a super wonderful Fathers day dinner at Chop Steakhouse located in Richmond. If you read my blogs then you should know I am BIG on service. Service identifies how the staff was trained and what the restaurants true values are. They focus on service ALOT! and I LOVE IT! First off, I was very happy with the private room we got. We didn't request it but was lucky enough for them to have gave us a nice, comfortable private room for my family. The waiter that was helping us for the night is called Blake. So just incase he ever comes across this blog post, I want to give him a MAJOR shoutout for providing excellent A+ service. He knew the menu very well and gave excellent suggestions. 

Now, lets talk about the food!

At the beginning, before our main dishes arrived, we got the complimentary bread. I didn't eat any because I was scared it'll stuff me up but according to limmerZ the bread was SUPER GOOD!

For my main dish, I ordered the Petite Prime Rib, Chop Experience with Seafood Chowder, side Baked Potato & Veggies ($29.95)
There is a list of sides to choose from, so there is definitely more options available. 
The Seafood Chowder was very flavourful and it was filled with seafood. There was salmon, scallop & many more.

Banana Leaf


Who loves Malaysian food?! 

If you do, then you most likely had tried Banana Leaf before. One of the well known, popular Malaysian restaurants in Vancouver. Believe it or not, it was my first time trying Banana Leaf and I'm so glad I did. I don't know what was holding me back from trying before. I went to the Broadway location and I am very pleased with the food and service. I skytrained there so no difficulty with finding parking.. none the less, I would expect parking would be a hassle if you are going to be driving there. I went on a weekday with my friends, Spikyhairlicious & Bee, and considering on a weekday, business was very busy. We had to wait for around 5-10 minutes before there was a table available. 

Bee ordered the coconut water and her words about their coconut was 'VERY REFRESHING'.


Rajio-Japanese Public House

Hi everyone!

I'm finally back with a new blog post! I've been busy with work & I'm currently setting up a new website look for my blog! So, stay tune for that!! Hopefully it will be fully up and running by the end of June 2013!

Now...who doesn't like Jap food? If you don't, I suggest you click away from this page!

This little restaurant is located in Kits and parking is extremely tough because it is mainly all street parking. limmerZ and I met up with eatingwithkirby & foodobyte and it was extremely fun. When we stepped into the restaurant, one side of the wall was filled with Japanese anime masks. The masks were illuminated & I thought it was extremely adorable. The one character that I loved since I was a kid was DINGDONG!! People call it Doraemon nowadays... but I call it dingdong! Anyways, time to talk about food!
Scroll down...!! :)


Bob's Submarine Sandwiches

Who loves dirt cheap food?! ME!!!

This diner is located in the plaza right across from Richmond Centre. Apparently they are well known for their greasy subs with ridiculous cheap pricing. Just to give you guys a heads up, this place is not the fanciest or the cleanest looking place ever but the food quality is definitely worth the few bucks. The food here provides me with comfort and satisfaction and it does not costs me 20 dollars for a meal just for myself. I've been to this plaza several times before but I've never noticed this place because of their unappealing entrance. You seriously cannot judge a book by it's cover...who knew in this diner hole there would be such delicious, cheap food.


Top Chiu Chow Cuisine

My grandparents are from Chao Zhou. If you're not familiar with that name, it is a place somewhere in China. Lol Look it up on google if you want more details. Anyways, I remember when I was young my grandpa would always make the best Chiu Chow Chicken ever! My family was telling me this place made it super delicious as well so they decided to bring me here for lunch one day. The restaurant is located in Union Square Plaza. If you go during busy hours, like during the weekends, the parking lot is usually full. 

The first dish that arrived was this fried shrimp & imitation crab meat. It was good but it wasn't anything unforgettable.

Then comes... the CHICKEN!!!!! Basically the whole time I was just eating this with rice....I seriously love Chiu Chow flavour chicken! I highly recommend this dish but its SUPER PRICEY in my opinion. I asked my Mom how much this dish was and she told me it was $16.00!!!! I don't think I'll personally go there and order this but it was a good experience to try out this delicious Chiu Chow chicken. It reminds me of the one my grandpa makes and it makes me crave for his even more!! I think I'll tell him to cook me up a dish soon....yummy in my tummy... =P


Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

If you're a breakfast person then you have to come check this place out! Sophie's is located in West 4th, so parking is pretty difficult. It's a very busy street so it'll be hard to find parking but I can guarantee this place is well worth it. The interior is very laid back, old fashion and sets a very comfortable atmosphere. They had a lot of old toys laying around as their design. I found that pretty cool because there's so many things to look at around the restaurant. I saw this very old m&m dispenser that my mom owns as well.