Fliptop Filipino Fusion Food Truck

Hi Everyone,

So I got word of a food truck being parked downstairs of my office today from my colleague who sent photos of the truck and their menu. It was the Fliptop Filipino Fusion Food Truck! Personally I haven’t heard of this particular food truck before, as I’m slowly getting to know more food trucks, so I had to give it a try.

They had music playing from their portable player which set the mood for a fun and chill atmosphere. Their graphics on the truck looked very cool indeed and I like the design. They definitely attracted a lot of customers from our building as they were there from around 11am to 2pm.

After browsing through the menu board, I decided on the Fliptop’s Pulled Pork Sandwich $8. My colleagues ordered the same so I ordered 3, plus a Dalandan Lime Soda $3.


Destination: Seattle- Din Tai Fung

I've heard many things about this place. Mainly all positive feedback about the food, so this time around in Seattle, I REALLY wanted to try this place out. We got there around 5:30pm and thank god there was no wait for a table. We were nicely greeted and was brought to our table by this super friendly waitress. She explained the whole entire menu to us and helped us pour the soy sauce and vinegar sauce. Throughout the meal she would come by to check how we were doing. I was extremely pleased with her superb service.


Dae Ji Cutlet House

During this year's fireworks, Phil and I passed by this place while we were walking down Robson to English Bay. We saw a huge line up and assumed it has to be good stuff! The window displays looked very intriguing and we told ourselves we must try this next time!

The thought of delicious pork cutlet was stuck in my head and I just couldn't wait for Phil anymore, so I decided to go with two of my friends from school to give it a try! I got there around 12:30pm and I was the only customer in the restaurant. I walked in, seeing the staff in front of me, assuming she would notice my presence. I was hoping she would look up so I wouldn't have to yell "HELLO?" but she didn't. After hearing my voice from a distance, she immediately led me up to the second floor & once I got to the table she told me "Oh, actually do you mind sitting downstairs?" No, I really don't mind where I sit, just make up your mind already..Upstairs or downstairs? >_<" Despite the disappointing entry, I was hoping the food would be superb.


Sockeye City Grill

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my post on Sockeye City Grill, a waterfront seafood restaurant located in Steveston Village. Jess and I decided to try this restaurant while walking around the area as we knew there were several similar restaurants here. Sockeye City Grill had two patio areas, which we thought would give us a higher chance of getting a table earlier, so we decided to put our name down on their waitlist.

Upon arriving, we were told it would be about a 15 minute wait for the patio, but throughout our half hour wait, it seemed this was the estimate they were telling every party that arrived. Despite there being several empty tables, they did not seat anyone there until much later, either due to lack of staff or slow service. They have a take-out window at the front of the restaurant as well. The patios were well shaded around 6pm on a very hot summer evening, with umbrellas at every table.

When we were finally seated, there were 5 other empty tables around us. A server arrived after a few minutes to take our initial orders, but we were ready with the full order since we had ample time to look over the menu posted in front of the restaurant.

They started us off with free bread and butter, which are my absolute favourite thing to eat when it's free!


Destination: Seattle- Beecher's handmade cheese

Second blog of the day!!!

I just can't stop can I? LOL Let's just say I have a lot of spare time on my hands right now.

When we were at Pike Place, we came across Beecher's Handmade cheese. At first, I thought they only sell cheese, but actually they sell food as well! They had mac and cheese and different types of sandwiches. I like the fact that they had two different line ups; one for cheese and one just for the food.

Destination: Seattle at P.F. Chang's

Hello everyone!!!

I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays blog from Phil! I know he spent hours trying to perfect it since it was his first blog, so show him some love by commenting on his post!

Phil and I drove down to Seattle downtown last weekend and we tried a few new places that we would like to share with you. Therefore this first blog back by me will be on P.F. Chang's-Chinese Bistro.

I personally didn't have too high of an expectation for this restaurant, since it is based on Chinese food and I am Chinese. For the most part, most of these Chinese fusion restaurants are never as good as my mama's cooking.

Nonetheless, this restaurant was shockingly not a disappointment. The one we went to is located in Downtown Seattle. Our hotel is located only a block or two away, therefore we just walked over. I'm not entirely sure how the parking and transit is around that area, but I doubt parking will be too expensive.

Since I am taking Interior Design in school now, I focus a lot of my attention on the interior décor nowadays. As a Chinese bistro, the vibe of the interior definitely does not scream Chinese. The interior design is completely westernize and I felt like I was sitting in a Cactus club or Joeys, which I understand, because their main target market is Caucasians. Even though it does not scream Chinese, I do enjoy the atmosphere and the small accents of Chinese decoration that are spread throughout the restaurant.


Dockside Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

My first post on this blog so this is pretty exciting for me! I've been to several restaurants on Granville Island but I haven't tried Dockside yet so this was totally new to me.

First impressions of the restaurant were that it was very nice considering it was part of the Granville Island Hotel. You are greeted with a nice flame and fountain feature outside the hotel entrance. The restaurant is located at the back of the hotel lobby so it's not difficult to locate.

Since it was a nice and sunny day, we had lunch out on their very large patio. The patio consisted of a large cabana-like structure in the middle with several tables underneath, with many other tables around it, most with their own umbrella to provide shade. We were seated at one of the tables with an umbrella.The view and location really speak true to the name of the restaurant, as our view was spectacular from the patio overlooking False Creek.

Now onto the food! Our party ordered almost their entire appetizer list plus one pizza, which can be found on their menu online. We were very hungry!

Vegetable Spring Rolls $12

Don't mind the hands cutting into the spring rolls! (We were starving and couldn't wait to dig in) These were not bad, just your typical veggie spring rolls. Nothing special here, just a decent appetizer. Don't think they're worth $12 but most of their appetizers were around this price point.

Legendary Chili Squid $12