Food Court Corner- Saboten

Hi everyone,

Today I'll be talking about a foodcourt restaurant called Saboten that is located in Aberdeen Centre. I've passed by it numerous times and it never attracted me to go buy from there. Our friend Ricky bought either their loin or tenderloin set last time and it made me wanna give this place a try. Also, I didn't have any cash on me so the options we had were very limited.

I ordered the Tenderloin Katsu Don  approx. $8.00 & it came with a side miso soup.
Surprisingly I was very happy with my meal. Everything was very flavourful and I finished the whole thing! The caramelized onions with the smooth egg that was lathered all over it works perfectly with the Tenderloin. I was very surprised that I got a good portion of the Tenderloin. The one reason why I never ordered from there was because their sample photos just never looked appealing to me nor does the portion looked enough to fill me up. YES, I admit I am an extreme big eater :P


Kamamarui Ramen

Hey Everyone,
I was getting my car serviced in the Imperial Kingsway area and my buddie was free for lunch, so he suggested going to Kamamarui as he has heard good things about this place. We decided to try it out as we both love ramen!
This place is on Royal Oak and has their own parking lot beside it. It's pretty small and the exterior appearance isn't anything spectacular. The inside is quite interesting though, as you will see in the photos below.



Hey Everyone,

While at a Remax Christmas event on Commercial Drive where our company Cherry On Top Designs had a gift basket up as a raffle draw prize, Jess and I walked around the area to look for a place to have lunch. We came across BierCraft, and since either of us have yet to try it, we decided to dine here!

The inside of it definitely has that tavern feel to it. The bar is right inside when you step in and runs towards the back of the restaurant. There are tv's at the bar, and also several tv's in the dining areas as well. We were seated at a window seat in the front right corner. 

Their menu has quite the extensive beer selected, as expected from a place named as such. With plenty of beer available on tap, it was very hard to decide which one to try, so I ended up picking the flight of BierCraft Beer Sampler $10.

As you can see from the photo, going from left to right, we have the D'Hiven, Maiselsweiss, Salty Scot, and Resolution. They all tasted like what they looked like, except for Resolution. Resolution had this peculiar flavour that I couldn't quite put my finger on, and was quite weird; so much so that I didn't end up finishing it! My favourites in order would have to be 2>1>3>4.

For food, since this was basically brunch for us, I had the Waffles $11, and Jess had the Fish & Chips $13 plus a coffee $2.75.


Gyo-O 魚王

Hi Everyone,

Back with a quick blog about this Japanese restaurant located in Richmond in the Continental Plaza. Continental Plaza is filled with different varieties of food but this Japanese restaurant is legitimately opened by Japanese people. Love the decor in there. The walls are filled with Japanese words & painted drawings of fish. The vibe of the design really makes me feel like I'm eating somewhere in Japan. On their television screen, they play Japanese shows. Me & Phil were watching a donburi eating contest..and I must say..those Japanese people can eat ALOT of donburi..

The restaurant is very small so I don't recommend large parties to go there unless you tell them in advance. We were seated near the entrance so the cold air coming in when people open the door was definitely the down fall of our corner seat. The service is decent, we were constantly getting refills for our tea, which i love the fact that I don't need to wave them down to ask them!

Phil ordered the Ebi Tempura Bakkake Udon with Egg (Approx. $11-12).
He thought this dish could use a bit more seasoning or sauce. The udon's were simply just too plain. He had to add the tempura sauce on top of the udon's to give it more flavour.


MiB Awards

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I just want to thank everyone for always supporting our food blog! Me and Phil will continue blogging just because we love food so much! Starting this blog was to share our experience with everyone but also because we love to express our emotions towards each place in words. We are actually thinking of vlogging our experiences too! Let us know if you'll love to watch some vlogs from us! The passion we have for food is beyond this world and I'm so blessed to have you all by our sides supporting us by checking our blog out!

This is our first time joining an award competition.. so lets see how it goes..
If you love our blog and have a minute to spare, pls vote for us :)



Love you all!


Melt's Grilled Cheese at Rogers Arena

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I recently attended our first Canucks game this season and saw some new food options at the concession stands. We saw a sign for grilled cheese sandwiches, and I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches, so I had to try one! Now they marketed this quite heavily inside the arena because right when you enter from the outside, there's a huge sign hanging from the ceiling advertising the NEW grilled cheese sandwiches and which section to buy them from. They also run ads about it during commercial breaks on the jumbotron, telling of how this is part of the new lineup of foods that the executive chef is introducing. It tells of him wanting to bring that homemade goodness that he used to experience as a child or something and wanted to share that with the fans. 

When arrive at the section with Melt, there will likely be a huge lineup already, unless the hype has already died down by the time you're reading this. They mass grill them here and then add the additional ingredients, if you choose those options, afterwards. The grill is prepped with melted butter first of course. After a bunch are ready, they stack them up and bring them to another table for the additional ingredients if you ordered them. 


Spoon Kitchen

Hey everyone!!!

Back with another blogpost on this Thai & Malaysian restaurant located on West 4th. I've been here once before with Phil, also with a voucher deal. This time around, I got the 4 person voucher deal for me & my family. I highly recommend getting the voucher deal because it is definitely worth trying.

Here is the link to the voucher incase you are interested:

I forgot what the drinks are called but it was their non-alcoholic exotic fruit drinks. I believe it consists of mangos, pineapples, etc. Just look at their drink menu and you'll find it!