O'Neills Home Cooking

Hi everyone!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I finally have time to blog! Yesterday we had to head down to Abbotsford for work related purposes and we were so happy that the weather was so gorgeous. After finishing up with business in Abbotsford, we decided to choose a local restaurant to try out. When we went through Urbanspoon, the ratings for O'Neills Home Cooking was very good, so we decided to give that place a try!

O'Neill's Home Cooking is located in Gosling Way. This place is really close to Duft & Co Bakehouse. At first glance, interior is rather dull and doesn't have much character but when we first stepped in, the host greeted us and knew right away we were first timers (I guess it's because I wasn't sure what to do when I first entered and looked rather confused??)! We were fully introduced to the menu by her and she was extremely friendly and helpful! Her service made me feel very comfortable in this place and definitely gave me a home vibe. Everyday they have different type of specials, yesterdays special was Potato leek & garlic soup & Shepherds pie.

At first me & Phil wanted to order two separate sandwiches so we can try different things but the host advised us that the sandwiches are HUGE! At first we weren't sure how big it'll be so we were pretty indecisive. After a few seconds of hesitation, a big man came over (aka. one of the customers) he came over and had to wrap up most of his meal and he was already sharing his with his buddy! After seeing that occurring, we finalized on our decision and just ordered one sandwich plus combo (additional $4.00, which came with soup & drink).

We decided to order "The Classic" which consists of Toasted golden sweet potato bun, black forest ham, cooked egg, cheese & mayo ($6.00)
The sandwich and soup was split between me and Phil so we both got a half sandwiched with a bowl of soup.


Shanghai Elan Restaurant

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blogposts lately. February is always the busiest time for me & Phil because it consists both of our birthdays, Valentines day, and soon to come, Chinese New Year.

So for Phil's Birthday dinner with his family, we ended up going to Shanghai Elan Restaurant which is located in Crystal Mall in Burnaby. Usually for his birthday we always choose to go to a western restaurant, but this year his uncle, auntie & grandma from Edmonton is visiting, so we decided to go for Shanghai cuisine. 

I've been here with Phil's family before and I always thought the food was decent. This time around is no differ. Some of the dishes we ordered this time is not what we usually order, so I was excited to try some new dishes!

First off, we got soup. This is called the Song Sao Fish Soup $12.50. It has heavy vinegar flavoring, so if you don't like vinegar, I don't recommend ordering this soup. Overall, I thought it was okay, the vinegar taste did overlap the majority of the soup so you can barely taste anything else in it.

Next up, Special Crab Meat Sauce with Tofu $18.95. At first glance I assumed this was a spicy dish, but nope, it's just the Crab meat coloring. The crab meat sauce soaked up the tofu and it was just absolutely delicious. Pairing this with white rice was just the perfect combination.


Marulilu Cafe

 Hi everyone!

After working out at the gym, my friend and I decided to go for brunch at a very recent popular Japanese brunch spot on Broadway and Cambie called Marulilu Café. It's a very small and tight restaurant so it's best to go early for a guaranteed spot. I've stopped by there a few times previously with Phil and we had no luck finding a table. Surprisingly when I got there with my friend, we were lucky enough to find an empty table. We went on a cold cold day, and OH MY, I was sweating in the restaurant like crazy. They had no air circulation whatsoever and I feel like I was going to die from suffocation. Anyhow, I survived, BUT I really wish the air flow would be a lot better. It was so stuffy and hot in there, and their fans were no help at all.

I recommend saving your seat before ordering. Their ordering system is at their counter, so you have to go there to order your food.


Prince Seafood Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

I recently had dinner at the Prince Seafood Restaurant on Granview and Rupert with my coworkers. We had a private room, which was pretty sweet so we're away from the noise of the main dining area!

Their private room has very nice decor, which matches the rest of the restaurant, comes with a TV, chandelier, and some side tables to hold dishes, distribute food on, and chill white wine on!

Since we had quite a big party, we ordered many dishes, so most of the dishes will be my best guess of what it's called. For drinks, we had a lot of white wine and pitchers of Coke and Sprite, and of course tea.


Oysi Oysi Restaurant

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, me and Phil went to Oysi Oysi in Downtown for dinner because I bought a Groupon voucher for $25.00 worth of food. This place reminds me of Kamei Royale because the menu has a lot of variety and options to choose from.

I recommend taking transit to this restaurant just because parking is extremely hard. The restaurant is located right on Alberni and this street is 90% packed with cars during dinner hours.

When we first entered, the restaurant is like any other Japanese restaurant. Neutral color panel with Japanese decorations. We were greeted in Japanese by the store front manager. From the tone of the managers voice, he didn't really sound Japanese to me, but I wouldn't be surprise because for most Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, it's either owned by Koreans or Chinese.

We ordered the Toro & Toro Sashimi plate ($11.95)
Overall, it tasted fresh and delicious!


Dineout 2015- Romer's Burger Bar

Hey Everyone,

Had lunch with my coworkers yesterday at Romer's in River District, the one on Kerr by Marine. We had no idea this restaurant was part of the Dine Out program as well, so this was a pleasant surprise! Normally the burgers don't come with any fries, but with the Dine Out menu, you get fries included, along with an appetizer and their mini donuts for dessert!

Here's the Dine Out menu:

It might be a little hard to read, but there are actually two options here, the $18 menu or the $25 menu. This is the second time I've been to this location, and the third time I've dined at a Romer's. After each of those two visits, I came out pondering why Romer's was considered as such a good burger joint by many of my friends. While the first two times weren't very impressive, I was hoping this third visit would change my opinion of Romer's. 

I decided to start off with a Thomas Kemper Craft Brewed Rootbeer $4; no alcohol today!

This rootbeer was very delicious! The fizz isn't too strong, right on point, and the flavour is just so smooth! Definitely a must try for all you rootbeer lovers out there!

I ordered from the $18 menu, so for starters, I had the Tomato Basil Soup (normally $6.95).


Mui Garden Restaurant

 Hello everyone!

Last week I decided to join Phil and his co-workers for lunch at Mui Garden. Apparently they come here pretty often during their lunch hours. When we got there I was browsing through the menu but none of them took a glance at it. I questioned why and they told me based on their previous experiences they already know what's the best dish here. Since I've never been here before, obviously I trust their opinion. So we all ended up ordering the Curry Beef Brisket with Rice.

Now before I jump right in to my opinion on the actual dish, let me talk a bit about the restaurant. Mui Garden has been around for quite some time and I remember long time ago my parents LOVED Mui Garden, but due to other competitions within Vancouver , the quality and performance of this place was just not meeting to everyone's expectation anymore.

Despite the interiors horrid appearance, I expected much out of the food and service provided. In terms of service, according to Phil and his co-workers, the service is based towards their mood on that particular day. Sometimes they are very nice and sometimes they are horribly rude.

According to Phil's opinion, he ordered other dishes from this place before and was highly disappointed so he only orders Curry beef brisket with rice.