Dineout 2015- Romer's Burger Bar

Hey Everyone,

Had lunch with my coworkers yesterday at Romer's in River District, the one on Kerr by Marine. We had no idea this restaurant was part of the Dine Out program as well, so this was a pleasant surprise! Normally the burgers don't come with any fries, but with the Dine Out menu, you get fries included, along with an appetizer and their mini donuts for dessert!

Here's the Dine Out menu:

It might be a little hard to read, but there are actually two options here, the $18 menu or the $25 menu. This is the second time I've been to this location, and the third time I've dined at a Romer's. After each of those two visits, I came out pondering why Romer's was considered as such a good burger joint by many of my friends. While the first two times weren't very impressive, I was hoping this third visit would change my opinion of Romer's. 

I decided to start off with a Thomas Kemper Craft Brewed Rootbeer $4; no alcohol today!

This rootbeer was very delicious! The fizz isn't too strong, right on point, and the flavour is just so smooth! Definitely a must try for all you rootbeer lovers out there!

I ordered from the $18 menu, so for starters, I had the Tomato Basil Soup (normally $6.95).


Mui Garden Restaurant

 Hello everyone!

Last week I decided to join Phil and his co-workers for lunch at Mui Garden. Apparently they come here pretty often during their lunch hours. When we got there I was browsing through the menu but none of them took a glance at it. I questioned why and they told me based on their previous experiences they already know what's the best dish here. Since I've never been here before, obviously I trust their opinion. So we all ended up ordering the Curry Beef Brisket with Rice.

Now before I jump right in to my opinion on the actual dish, let me talk a bit about the restaurant. Mui Garden has been around for quite some time and I remember long time ago my parents LOVED Mui Garden, but due to other competitions within Vancouver , the quality and performance of this place was just not meeting to everyone's expectation anymore.

Despite the interiors horrid appearance, I expected much out of the food and service provided. In terms of service, according to Phil and his co-workers, the service is based towards their mood on that particular day. Sometimes they are very nice and sometimes they are horribly rude.

According to Phil's opinion, he ordered other dishes from this place before and was highly disappointed so he only orders Curry beef brisket with rice.


Tacofino Commissary

Hey Everyone,

Had a work lunch a few days ago at Tacofino and it was the first time that any of us had been here, aside from the one who brought us here!


Dineout 2015- Chambar Restaurant

Hello everyone!

This month was our 4th year anniversary, so we decided to treat ourselves to some amazing food! We heard many great things about Chambar and since they were also doing Dineout, might as well take this opportunity to try it!

Dineout is still on until February 1st, so if you want to check out the Chambar dineout menu check out the link: http://www.dineoutvancouver.com/listings/Chambar-Restaurant/19526/0/#dineoutdinnermenu

They serve the $38.00 menu, which comes with appetizer, main course & dessert (just like all other dineout options). 

So for appetizer, I ordered the  Soupe De Canard: Cauliflower soup, barbequed duck, cilantro pistou,  & toasted almonds.
The soup is a thick cream consistency and has some amazing flavor. I really like the addition of the cilantro pistou which gives the soup an extra kick of flavor. The duck was cooked very well and the amount given was surprisingly filling. 

Phil ordered the Coquilles St. Jacques A La "Bob": Pan seared scallops, mint pea puree, tandoori papadum & pickled grapes. He thought everything paired very well with the scallops but thought the portion was too minimal. But overall an amazing appetizer. 


Sugarholic Cafe

Hey Everyone,

We were thinking of where to eat for dinner before heading to a movie, and we thought of this restaurant that was recommended to us by a friend who had dined here recently. Since I had to go NCIX at Aberdeen anyways, dining here made perfect sense!


JC Kitchen

Hello everyone!

My family loves to eat Chiu Chow Cuisine and we find it very difficult to locate an authentic Chiu Chow restaurant that makes on-point dishes. I'm partially Chiu Chow, therefore ever since I was young, my grandpa would cook up the BEST Chiu Chow dishes ever. 

We were given a small dish of pickled mustard greens. They were absolutely delicious! This place makes it sweeter than Top Chiu Chow Cuisine. I really like Top Chiu Chow, but I've heard they switched management and the level has gone down a little.

The location of this restaurant is extremely hidden and you'll only find this place if you know where you are headed. My uncle told us about this restaurant and it's surrounded by commercial properties. For dinner, they open up at 5:30, so when I got there, we were the first customers. At first I was kind of skeptical about this place because there was nobody there. After 30 mins of opening, this placed was packed full of party tables. 

So all the dishes we ordered are the ones we LOVE to eat. 
We are major duck fans, therefore we ordered the Chiu Chow Style Soy Duck (Half) $16.80.
The duck was perfectly cooked and I like how the soy sauce didn't overlap the taste of the duck. It was the perfect amount of soy to go along with it.


Ramen Koika

Hi everyone!

After talking to a travel agent on Davie, me and Phil decided to go grab some food within that block. We came across to this Ramen place across the street and thought might as well give it a try. At first Phil was going to check out the rating on Urbanspoon, but I thought we should just give them a chance without being influenced by a rating shown on Urbanspoon. With no expectations in mind, we were very pleased by the quality and the amount of variety they have. Within the menu, there was a page highlighting their restaurant challenge. They have 3 different levels of spicy noodles: Level 1-SpiceFever, Level 2-Caboom, Level 3-Burning in hell.
If you manage to down all that noodle within 15 minutes, you get the Ramen for free, your picture will be shown on the wall of fame & you'll receive a certificate for completion. I thought this is such a fun and interesting feature they have, but I'll never try it, I'll just watch :)
We just went there for lunch and I was not planning to down spicy noodles that day, so no, me and Phil did not take on the challenge. :P